About me

PhD Student @UPM

Lucía Prieto Santamaría is a PhD candidate at the Medical Data Analysis Laboratory (MEDAL) in the Center for Biomedical Technology (CTB) of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM). She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology (with two-years specialization in computational itinerary) and a Master’s degree in Computational Biology, both from UPM. Her research areas and expertise include medical knowledge representation and biomedical informatics, with a central role for applied semantic technologies and machine learning techniques. She has been researching at MEDAL since October 2017 and she has mainly contributed to DISNET project, focusing on the creation of the network's biological layer, the disease similarities computation, the generation of new nosological models and the computational drug repurposing methods. She has also worked in CUREX project by creating a NLP module for the structuration of networks topology texts and modeling the ontology to represent data semantically. Her expertise also includes project management, as she has been performing for P4-LUCAT and DISNET project. She has attended 4 scientific conferences and is author and coauthor of 8 JCR-indexed journal articles and 5 conference papers.