About me

PhD Student@UPM

Gerardo Lagunes García is a PhD student in the Department of Data Mining and Simulation at the Center for Biomedical Technology (CTB) of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM). The areas of research of interest are data mining, knowledge recovery, web development and bioinformatics. Graduated in Computer Systems Engineering in December 2009 by the Technological Institute of Orizaba (Mexico) and graduated as Master in Computer Systems in April 2015 by the same institute. Experience working in desktop (.Net) and Web application development (Java, PHP, .Net), project management through the use of agile methodologies and with radio frequency identification systems. In his latest projects he has implemented microservices based systems using technologies such as Docker, Docker compose and Spring boot. His activity as a researcher within the CTB, leads him to work with data mining and natural language processing in the area of research in the health sector.