• Description

    Search by name and retrieve information about a target

  • URL (PATH)


  • Method


  • Auth required

    Optional (token)

  • Request parameters
    Parameter Description
    example: token=eyJhbGciOiJI...
    Optional access key to save the current query inside the user's profile
    name *required
    Glutamate transporter
    Target name
    [boolean] true by default
    If true it searches an exact name match, if false it finds all targets containing the string in the parameter 'name'
  • Example request
                                         http://disnet.ctb.upm.es/api/disnet/pharma/targets?name=Glutamate transporter&exact-match=false&token=eJtdWrIisOiJt...
  • Success response (application/json)
      "token": null,
      "authorized": false,
      "authorizationMessage": null,
      "responseCode": "200",
      "responseMessage": "OK",
      "errorsFound": [],
      "data": [
          "targetType": "SINGLE PROTEIN",
          "targetId": "CHEMBL1075149",
          "targetName": "Cystine/glutamate transporter",
          "organismName": "Homo sapiens"
          "targetType": "SINGLE PROTEIN",
          "targetId": "CHEMBL3472",
          "targetName": "Vesicular glutamate transporter 3",
          "organismName": "Rattus norvegicus"
          "targetType": "SINGLE PROTEIN",
          "targetId": "CHEMBL4296295",
          "targetName": "Glutamate transporter homolog",
          "organismName": "Pyrococcus horikoshii OT3"