• Description

    Retrieve information about a given pathway.

  • URL (PATH)


  • Method


  • Auth required

    Optional (token)

  • Request parameters
    Parameter Description
    pathway_id *required
    example: WP100
    A pathway id
    example: token=eyJhbGciOiJI...
    Optional access key to save the current query inside the user's profile
  • Example request
                                         GET http://disnet.ctb.upm.es/api/disnet/bio/pathways/WP100
  • Success response (application/json)
        "token": "null", 
        "authorized": false, 
        "authorizationMessage": "null", 
        "responseCode": "200", 
        "responseMessage": "OK", 
        "errorsFound": null, 
        "pathwayBios": [ 
        "pathway_id": "WP100", 
        "pathway_name": "Glutathione metabolism" 
  • Error response (application/json)

    Common errors

    Pathway_id error